Point of Sales with E-commerce

Point of Sales (OSPOS)

Application for your super shop and online shop

Kalni-IT provided Point of sales software for super shop in Bangladesh; We are inspired by OSpos with great support and fully customization as your business requirements

Web Interface

Our project was built based on PHP/SQL Code Ignitor meeting modern standards and security requirements offering faster user experience.
Can be launched on any operating system, including Windows/Linux/Mac.


Our reporting system offers you a variety of extra-needed reports for every business owner where you can check sales by any pre-defined or custom period of time by Items, Categories, Employees, Clients, and Detailed Transactions

Delivery Option

This software has the chain of custody, Specially inspired by Police Evidence handover system. So that any products is more safer for responsibility from any other delivery


  • Stock Management (Items and Kits)
  • VAT, Customer and Multi Tiers Taxation
  • Sale Register & Transactions Logging
  • Quotation and Invoicing
  • Expenses Logging
  • Receipt and Invoice Printing/Emailing
  • Barcode Generation and Printing
  • Suppliers and Customers Database
  • Multiuser with Permission Control
  • Reporting on Sales, Expenses, and Inventory
  • Receivings of Products
  • Giftcard
  • Rewards System & Loyalty Programs
  • Messaging (SMS)
  • Inspired by OSPOS

    OSPOS, a web based point of sale application written in PHP using CodeIgniter framework. It uses MySQL as the data back end and has a Bootstrap 3 based user interface.

    We were able to cover almost every function needed to form a fully reliable POS solution that fits several business types including most required modules to run your business smoothly!

    Our team variation helped us a lot in forming the right atmosphere taking into consideration several worldwide laws from invoicing, taxation, to customer privacy. This led our solution to become more fitting different regions all around the world.

    Customize Options

    We are able to customize your needs and Speed is very important key

    Our scripts are optimized for speed and faster than any other application. Ajax, lazyload, and more modern technologies are used to speed up. Also, we are providing Bangladeshi BDIX Connected servers for a faster experience. To learn more about the advantage of a BDIX connected server, click here.