Sujan C.barty

Everything's on the web.

Design, Development, Business software, and services in a single place

Web Design & Development

I like to make digital solutions everywhere. Coding is my favorite hobby and makes a perfect solution for every business.

Technology I use:

PHP core, HTML-5, CSS-3, Javascript, Ajax, VueJs,JSON, Java, Python, NodeJs

Business Software

Since 2007, I have started business software development for various business organizations with lifetime support and updating.

Type of Software:

Point of Sales, E-commerce, Accounting, Invoicing, Point of sales, Library Explore and management system etc.

ICT Services

For optimum efficiency, digital credibility, and smooth running of their firms, I am offering ICT services to my clients.

Type of Services:

Device Technology, Time Attendance system, Printing, Networking, Security Devices, Optical and Sensors with software integrity.

Contact with us

525, Senpara Parbata, Mirpur, Dhaka

Mobile: 8801708-513205